Repeater Down

We had an incident Early Sunday 04/22/2018 Morning where the repeater hung open on the 70cm side.. We take these issues seriously and have multiple ways to control our systems.. However things failed..

Until we can understand why the system has failed the entire repeater system will remain down until further notice.. This includes the 2 meter repeater and the 70cm Repeater..

No Date of return to service.


What we know is that some time early morning aproximately around 6am the system failed causing an open key on the 70cm side from our early indications we might have lost a hard drive and motherboard on the repeater controller.. Some one texted me early that morning but just got the message around 11am at the time i did not hear the repeater keyed up on my portable due to lower out put power of the repeater and the location.. By 3pm all systems were taken off the air.. Initially the repeater did boot just fine with reboots etc.. However I was not able to salvage the /var/log/ folder prior to starting a format reinstall.. We were trying too rush things to bring the system back on the air..

Also during the failure we have three points of access to the system.

  1. DTM (When Dtmf keys were to pressed to restart the repeater it never rebooted)
  2. VPN Service (We had a issue with certificates about a month ago and thought things were back to normal however they were not.)
  3. Local Control (Marks parents live on site where the repeater is located however since we found out so late we went directly over to shut the system down.)

Some changes that will be made in the future.. Rather then relying on the Controller to handle Time out Timer we are going to use both. This means from this point forward if some one times out the repeater that’s it until it resets..


This will also have to cause us to change how we link to people in the future.. Allstarlink is a great tool and useful to link to many systems all around the world however from this point forward we are going to have a stricter terms of service to our systems..