We would like to thank KC2IRV for all the dedication and hard work he put into repairing our 2 meter duplexers and advice along with guidance in understanding our RF related issues with our antennas to receivers!


Kc9zhv UHF system

442.525 + Pl 141.3

Echolink kc9zhv-R Allstarlink 41715

Kc9zhv VHF System

147.225 + Pl 141.3

Echolink kc9zh-L allstarlink 42650


The Kc9zhv repeater system. We are located in Southern IL small town of Olney, IL we invite all Amateur Radio operators to our allstar node 41715 or Echolink KC9ZHV-R if you have an allstar node and would like to connect up to us your more than welcome to join our system! Please licensed amateur radio operators only on the system.. If you wish to see which node keyed where you can do this via visiting http://hub.kc9zhv.com/link.php?nodes=41715,41834,27103 Also all traffic is recorded on the system for later review if their was ever an incident.. Recordings are typically held for about 90 days..

For Forums please use forum.kc9zhv.com

The Rising of the new tower system and major upgrades to the 440 repeater and 2 meter repeater located in Olney IL.. After the Upgrades we started having power issues with the 2 meter repeater it can hear but not transmit that far..


This is an interesting video every amateur radio should watch this episode..