DMR Repeater

Welcome this is a new adventure into the digital age as of May 2020 we have moved away from allstarlink on our repeater systems and slowly incorporating a digital mode called DMR.

If your new to DMR you will want to find a Tier II DMR radio to talk on our system. Although our system is compatible with many modes for now it will only be DMR until the release comes out to allow FM as well as DMR for our equipment board.

Once you get your DMR radio I personally use the AnyTone 878UV Other DMR radios will work I have only worked with the AnyTone 878UV.

Once you get this radio you will want to do the unversity classes to learn how to use the radio and how to program the radio.. It is a fairly steep learning curve but I believe it could be done with out the classes if you watched alot of Youtube Videos on code plugs and programming..

You will need to get a radio id from:

We are planning on keeping a few links in place but first we would like to make it known about our repeater Talk Group it’s number is 311677 and we have titled it KC9ZHV-System below is an example.. You can access this system anywhere on the BrandMeister network.

This is a channel example of how to setup to talk on the repeater.

Here is a current example of the channels I have programmed in for our repeater.

More information will be available at a later date as we continue to update and improve our system. Thank you!