I get asked all the time how to host websites mysql servers and email servers.. My quick response is this I prefer first of all Linode as my main host provider for about $10 dollars a month you can sign up and be on your way..

So far Linode has done well with all my server and hosting needs including any questions i might have had about their systems and solutions to even issues that weren’t there problem in the first place..  When looking for a host provider i look for reliability and support linode exceeds my expectations in both.

Here is generally how i manage things..

  1. I Purchase my domains through Name Cheap and DNS them to Linode.
  2. I usually on most of my starter servers start off with linode 10 dollar plan and move up if needed.
  3. Managing software.. Generally i stick to with Ubuntu and Long Term Support version example ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
  4. I prefer they have all the tools i need in one location including fail2ban.


If you feel any of this was helpful

Another host provider that I prefer and the benefits of having as my domain holders is that they have free dns.. I can then point things at a mainframe server like

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Hope fully you found this basic tutorial on setting up a linode vps easy for you!


Currently we host all our servers now at home and have been now for over 1 year. We have yet to have an issue by doing this but we have Business class fiber from Clearwave Communications great company!