Here is a list of links that we have found useful.


  1. Loss Calculator
  2. Meters to Feet Calculator plus other tools
  3. Online Radio Propagation tool Cloud RF
  4. RF Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain
  5. Radio Coverage Prediction Canada (Covers USA too!)
  6. Repeater Building Techniques and Valuable information
  7. Allstarlink
  8. Allstar Link Documentation site
  9. Allstarlink Stats
  11. N4IRS Github
  12. broadband-hamnet
  14.  (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network)
  15. Alternative URI for allstarlink

YL Sites


Satellite Links

  1.   Thank you KD0WHB
  2. Satellite Frequency info

Morse Code Learning Material and Ham Study Information.

  2. AARL Ham Study Manuel
  3. No Nonsense Study Guide
  4. QRZ Practice Test
  5. Just Learn Morse Code

If i forgot to list a source email me i would be happy to add you to the list.. I know their is at least one but I cant remember the site..

So far Vendors we have liked..

  1. Linode Data Center Hosting VPS hosting
  2. Callcentric for Auto-patch on both repeaters
  3. DMK Engineering
  4. Antenna Farm 

Directional Finding References

  1. RTL-SDR dongles and three antennas to measure phase differences
  2. Duff Duff Software Defined Radio Directional Finding
  3. Possible use of RTL-SDR for amateur radiolocation
  4. SDRDF Radio Direction Finding (RDF)
  8. I was asked how you could do RDF w/ an SDR…
  9. VK3TWO Software Defined Radio
  10. Soundcard Radio Direction Finding (RDF)
  11. foxhunting with sdr and history
  12. RasHAWK
  13. HF Directional Finding
  14. Direction Finding and Beamforming Using NI LabVIEW and the NI USRP Platform
  15. NHarter SingleChannel DF
  16. Using GNU Radio for Signal Phase Measurements
  17. DF types Warning need translation to English
  19. signal direction finding-with-an-rtl-sdr-raspberry-pi-and-redhawk


Software Defined Radio Direction Finding (SDRDF) Video

RTL-SDR phase correlative direction finder by Tatu Peltola

Personal thoughts on local communication companies.

So.. We have tried working with lots of Vendors in and around the area unfortunately most of them are not exactly Ham Radio Friendly.. But I have one special exception VEI Communications out of Evansville Indiana. There amazing service and skills that they demonstrated place them at the top of our list for local ham radio and commercial radio solutions that we may have.

Thank you VEI Communications!!

You can contact VEI Communications by clicking Here

Weather and Storm Spotting Educational Information

First want to thank Amanda and Liam for reaching out to me asking for this section in relation to weather and Amateur Radio. The links here provided are for informational use only please contact me if any of the links change or become not working. You can email me at or 

Weather Radar Software I use  and reccomend

Weather  Service Providers Prices (Optional of course)