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Welcome to KC9ZHV.com this page is dedicated to my Amateur Radio adventures etc. Yes I know I have been having a time lately trying to keep thing up and up to date. Small explanation I have been dealing with some medical issues over the past 10 years that have resulted in my in ability to keep my websites up and online and some times required me to spend time like in 2020 in the nursing homes. My personal page is https://lorentedford.com

Repeater information:

147.225 + offset PL 141.3

442.525+ offset PL 141.3 and DMR through Brandmeister Network.

Public Email: loren@lorentedford.com Public Email2: kc9zhv@kc9zhv.com

Please don’t spam me anymore than I am already naturally getting spammed. This is why these email’s are ignored and I keep very private.

Repeater Hardware:

442.525 + offset PL 141.3 with DMR Brandmeister Network

70cm is Two Motorola PM400’s with Henry Amplifier and RB_STM32_DVM¬† board on a raspbery Pi. Software Currently is the WPSD from w0chp.radio/wpsd/ In years past we were using pistar but Scott Zimmerman recommended WPSD for the board I am using so I have Immediately gone to this board.

147.225 + offset PL 141.3 Analog Only System

2 Meter repeater is a Tait B7100 it is 100% analog at this time.

Illinois Repeater Association

Repeaters are coordinated through the Illinois Repeater Association please refer to them as the coordination group for the State of Illinois.

Zello Channels

How to Get Zello

Some special shout outs to KC2IRV for his assistance through out the years. Many hours have been spent working on the two meter repeater and system he has been an amazing help to us and we will be forever great full for his assistance.